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Thread: Ford Eagle SS to VW conversion (without cutting I hope..) and some other tweaks

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    Quote Originally Posted by bushboy View Post
    Well Peter, lets see what Baz can do. & with a great Aussie name like Baz, I'm sure it will be great.


    PS Did I mention that I have covered 45,000 miles in the Eureka, with about 300 on a trailer (round trip to Stones) Just thought I pop that in.

    You forgot sea miles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter View Post
    You forgot sea miles

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    Bugger, your correct Peter, now lets see, Australia to the UK via sea is

    Port of Southampton , United Kingdom to Port of Sydney , Australia: 13337 nautical miles

    so I think I win that one

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    Surely those 13337 miles go in the 'Trailer' column.


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    Calm down, calm down, calm down.
    Look forward to your build Baz, should prove interesting.
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