Hi all. i have been giving the gearbox a bit of a shake down just recently and come across a bit of a problem i didn`t know was there.
striped the pinion shaft down to the first gear, which for those of you that know is the last gear to come off the pinion shaft, only to find that the 1st gear needle bearing has somehow got a little water/damp in and knackered not only the bearing but the bearing outer race which is part of first gear . absolute mystery as to how the water got in there, no signs of water or damp anywhere else and the bearing is pretty much buried in there.
anyway first gear is shot due to rust pitting on the race face and i need to find a replacement ( gona be a used one cus new one`s don`t exist so iv`e been informed ) quick smart before i forget how to put it all back together lol.
if anyone can help the box is a type 1 IRS, code is DC from 1500/1600 engine. any help on this one is gona be greatly appreciated, cheers, all the best, Gary.