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    I quick squint at the circuit shows that the ECU and Fuel pump relays are a little special. Are you sure you have replaced them with the correct type?

    A 5 pin relay is normally pins 85 & 86. 30 is power in. 87a is output with the relay inactive and 87 outputs when the relay is activated.

    In your case there is no 87a just 2 pin 87s this could be why your fuel pump is staying on.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffy View Post
    Any ideas from the Alfa side.
    Fuel pump always going when ignition is switched on . no spark or fuel from injectors as plugs are bone dry.
    Can't help I'm afraid - all my experience is with carburettor models. Sounds like you might be close to resolving the situation though, good luck!

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