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Thread: hi all

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    hi all

    just saying hello,new nova addict,bought one 3 weeks ago and on a steep learning curve

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    Hi Karl. welcome. your in the right place mate. plenty of help about
    . nice one on getting yourself a looka. is she road worthy or have you got work to do ?
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    shes a complete mess,,,been through a few owners over last ten yrs and every one done some butcher work but never got it onto the road,,it was on a 72 beetle chassis which was complete junk,,,it now sits on an mr2 chassis so its mid engined

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    Don`t worry about the mess it`s in, just get stuck in and do it. there`s quite a few of us in the same boat as far as rebuilds go.

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    been flat out on it for 3 weeks,,,getting it onto the mr2 was fun,,,but its on and ive started the body work,,, think it has about 20 layers of paint so thats a pain,,,tho old cellulose paint just clogs the discs,,seems like it was orange originally,,is there any way to trace where the body came from or was made?

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    MR2 chassis, i don`t think iv`e heard of one like that before... interesting. would be nice to have a look at that if you choose to post some pic`s of her.

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    There should be some identification numbers under the bonnet ( front ) on the left hand side, looking at the front of the car. on the bulk head if you can call it that. i`m sure one of the member`s has a pic of where it should be, unless it has been cut out for mod`s of course.

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    ill post up some pics when i put them on my comp,,as far as i know its the only one,,lot of places said it couldnt be done,,,but i like a challenge,,lol oh and it can be done

    ive found numbers stamped in it says automotive design 137
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    the guy`s on here will explain what they mean Karl but don`t expect too much information from the numbers.

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    Hi Carl - it means you have an early Automotive Designs Mark 1 shell, and that whoever was responsible for changing the dymo tape numbers on the mould had got their act together (mine is number 125, but I've met 2 others with that number!) There was a Nova for sale up North a year or three back that was sort of laid over a cut down MR2, the seller had got so far before giving up. Will yours need an IVA?
    It's a 52 year old car and everything works, just not always at the same time.......and it's probably about to get jealous!
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