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Thread: Club Equipment Inventory

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    Club Equipment Inventory

    Mick suggested that it would be useful to have an inventory of all the club equipment & where it is currently being stored. So I thought that the best way would be to take a picture of each Item & in the description put the date & where/Who has it. I'm sure one of the Administrators could then make this a sticky post & lock it up to restrict editing to the Admins.

    2016 Bushboy Essex Gas BBQ (Purchased new in 2016)

    2016 Bushboy Essex Unleaded Fuel bottle (3/4 Full)

    2016 Bushboy Essex Large Gas cylinder (almost MT)

    2016 Bushboy Essex Large Alloy picnic table in carry bag

    2016 Bushboy Essex small Alloy Picnic table in carry bag

    2016 Bushboy Essex Set 1 of 2 BBQ utensils

    2016 Bushboy Essex Set 2 of 2 BBQ utensils

    2016 Bushboy Essex 2 Burner camp stove & 2 whistling Kettles

    2016 Bushboy Essex Garbage Bag Holder

    2016 Ben Up North some where. Club Gazebo Yellow & Blue (Nova & Eureka not included)

    If any other club members have club equipment in their possession please pm me of the admin team with a picture of it & it can be added to this list.


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    Thread stickied and closed.
    You should be able to edit your original post, if anymore need to be added let myself or Alex know and we can unlock it so you can add to it.
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