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Thread: Buggy IVA

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    Buggy IVA

    The Purple MGF/Buggy aka the Morton Minx passed it's IVA today, finally. The allegedly dodgy emissions were finally taken care of to the tester's satisfaction with an Emerald ECU. I still need convincing that was necessary, but it was a means to an end. I'm increasingly suspicious that the tester hasn't read the manual completely, and that my pre 2002 engine should have been tested to a slightly higher fast idle CO level (0.3 rather than 0.2), which irritatingly it would have passed at the first attempt, seven weeks ago.

    So now we have the registration process, and no doubt a chat with the DVLA to look forward to.

    Probably should be a bit more elated, but it's been a bloody long slog.

    Work on the plug for the Nova rear bulkhead is progressing. Pics to follow.


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    Well done Ed

    Lap of the Gods regarding the tester's competence I suspect, they have got you over a barrel. I sometimes wonder if they invent little obstacles so that you don't get an easy ride - I remember US customs doing something similar to me when I tried to hand-carry some flight hardware back to the UK - 3 hours cooling my heels at an office some 10 miles from the airport, only to be finally released with half an hour to the final call for the flight...

    Anyway, it's good news!

    only Pythagoras can save me now!

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    Well done. A step in the direction towards an IVA' able Nova??

    Club Nova Member (F-036)

    MicksRedNova2 may take as long as the original!!

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    A very well done Ed

    All your effort will be worth it.


    “A plan is only a means of measuring where things went wrong”

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    Wow that's great news, now you can strip off all those annoying little protective strips etc off the buggy

    next stop the very first IVA'd Nova I hope

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    Well done that man!

    Steps towards future IVA passing Nova's always appreciated!
    Never be afraid to stand out from the crowd!

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    Thanks a lot (again...!). It's coming back home tomorrow, and yes, some of the bits of vacuum cleaner hose screwed to the bottom of the dash might not be staying...

    Apparently (rebuilt) engine has started to make a top end tapping sound. Might have to take another short Nova break until the buggy is on the road and working.


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