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Thread: Hello everyone

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    Hello everyone

    My name is Chris and I was looking to build a kit car, then I saw a Nova and that was it I fell in love.

    I got to sit in one when I was nine, forty one years ago and only found out last week that it was a nova
    I hope that sometime in the not too distant future I can own one that I can restore, with a bit of luck my dream may come true Fingers crossed.

    So I would like to say that any assistance in helping me achieve this would be greatly appreciated.

    Respectfully Chris

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    Hello Chris.

    Welcome to the forum

    Your story sounds a bit like mine & probably a few others. I first saw a Nova in custom car magazine in the 70's. I still have the mag.

    It's a good forum with lots of help.

    I hope you find a project to enjoy soon.

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    Hi Chris. welcome. loads of good people here willing to give good advise. your story reflects many other`s on how we got involved with novas. i first seen one when i was about 9 years old and was lucky enough to watch the guy build it from start to finish. been hooked since then. good luck in finding a project, they are out there, but just depends on how much work your prepared to take on.
    if your interested in joining CLUB NOVA/AVANTE just give me a shout, all the best, Gary, (scorpion) club nova/avante membership secretary. contact details on the club nova/avante section on this site.

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    Hi Chris

    You've come to the right place. Lot's of people here that share your passion for this car. Hope you find a project to get your teeth into though they are becoming harder and harder to find these days. Good luck
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    Thanks guys

    At this stage I think as long as its repairable I would not mind at all,
    the end result is what matters.

    Like I have all ready found out they are hard to come across was nearly in tears when the Norwich
    One had gone but one day soon I hope fingers crossed.



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    Hi Chris
    It will all be about patience. If you look through the eBay finds on the forum you will see that they do come up in all sorts of condition. And if not on eBay someone on here will get to hear about it and put the details on the forum.
    Good luck with your search.

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    Hi Chris,
    Just to add my 'welcome' to all the others.
    I too have only recently joined and have been overwhelmed already by the tremendous support and goodwill readily offered by members of the forum.
    I was tremendously lucky to be in the right place/time to secure the 'Norwich' Nova (formerly owned by 'Terranova' on here) and, although there is a lot of work needed to get her back on the road, I'm thrilled to be on the way to driving my dream car. Just hang on in there- yours will come along soon!

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    Thanks buffy it will be fun trying to find one I've seen a few for sale but they where in America but if its meant to be it will happen one day


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    Hi mad scientist

    Please keep a detailed log of your progress i am keen to see and hear everything about your nova
    Was very keen to buy it myself but found it to late was disappointed to hear it had gone.

    I cant wait to see it on the road and the end result its your car that started my dream so please keep me informed of your progress.



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