Hi folks,

I live near St Andrews in Scotland and joined Euro Nova in April 2015. I’ve not been active in the forum till recently because I’m only now starting to seriously consider a rebuild. I bought my Nova in 1986, did some work on the engine and had the car resprayed in an Audi colour. I was the Scottish Club Nova rep at the time and drove the car down to Stoneleigh and Newark, but then for various reasons I took it off the road in 1991.

I was aware that ‘glasgowgolfer’ was looking for one and very nearly got in touch with him, but in my heart of hearts I can’t let her go without getting her going again and having some fun.

I was amazed to come across a thread tonight (see below), started by ‘Gmacz’ in August 2015, in which he posted a photo of my car taken from internet. The photo was taken around 1990 and whilst the body looks much the same, the chassis and engine need a lot of work, and the mice have devoured the interior. Anyway, I’m glad to be on the forum and am looking forward to the challenge. Wish me luck!