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Thread: Scottish Nova - time for a rebuild!

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    Well, I can't say I have done any miles on Nankings on the Nova, but I did have them on my Baccaruda (14 x 6" wheels all round, it wasn't a performance model) and over a period of 4 years I managed to put 32,000 miles on them. The suspension on the Mopar was surprisingly adjustable, and I dialled in some aggressive negative camber on the front wheels which really made the old girl handle. That and a kerb weight of 1.5 tons should be all the endorsement you need!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueNova View Post
    Thanks guys, ... I'll not be racing round corners or driving over 80 mph
    You're not planning on visiting Castle Combe for one of their sportscar days then

    A Nova can do both if you want it to - in the right conditions.

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    I thought that in light of your very helpful advice I ought to give you an update. Thanks David and Lauren for sharing your experience with Nankangs. I'd never heard of them and it's encouraging that Phill and both of you have all had good experiences with them.

    On the basis of your recommendations I fully intended to go ahead with them ..... but I had a nagging doubt about the style of tread of the Nankang 255's on the rear .... heart over head! It looks just a bit too much like a '4x4' (which it is!). BTW, I'm also looking at how the tyres perform in term of wet grip, etc, etc ... I had no idea selecting tyres could be so complex!

    The tread on the narrower Nankang 215's on the front 'looks better' and I'll probably go ahead and order them, but there's no rush because my original tyres from the 1980's are still inflated with air from way back then and will suffice until I'm about to go 'road legal'. When I let the air out of them it'll be a bit of a 'time capsule' moment!!

    Despite my 'heart over head' thinking I investigated the various online suppliers because despite reasonable review ratings, I seemed to focus on the more disappointing reviews. I was astonished to find that a lot these sites come under the same 'parent company' and when I investigated the address of that company on streetview (despite photos on their websites of warehouses and offices with their names on them) I came up with a small firm of accountants in a typical High Street in London!!!

    My conclusion then? .... I've ordered a couple of 255/60 R15 Bridgestones for the rears (via Ebay from a firm with 100% positive feedback .... in Italy!! ) because I want the security of Ebay if there's a problem.

    As far as the fronts are concerned there's no rush, but I've found that if I change from 215/60 R14 to 205/60 R14 the choice increases significantly so I'm sure I'll find something.

    Thanks again to all who shared their experiences with tyres to help me with this ... it's much appreciated!


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