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Brett is correct with the 195 measurement and the bend and it shouldn't be shown on the top drawing as the top drawing is only for reference to the hole slots which are referenced to the outer edges and not the bend. the slope angle as I have said is what it is and should not be on the drawing. The bend line is not at 90 deg and that hole measurement should be taken from the outside edge and not the bend.
I'm no engineer or technical draftsperson, I use AutoCAD for drawing commercial floor plans so any feedback is appreciated.

Hi Dirk; as you say, the 195 would be incorrect on the top drawing, it was measured along the top edge to the point of the bend on the top. I think when they are made they do not have a 'bend' and then a filler or what ever is welded in to make up the missing 'V' bit which will be there; hence the dotted line on the drawing. If you include the 195 on the top, you would need to change the lh most line inwards so it matches up with the 'top' line in the drawing below it; at the moment it looks like its in the same place as the furthest left line. (i.e. only the 'sides' would extend to where the line is at the moment?)

If you click on the drawing so you go to photo bucket, then click on the magnifier tool on the pic, you will get a much bigger image which may be easier to read.

The slots in that bracket are also 9mm wide; I think you have shown them as 8mm - I guess it gives a bit of movement when fitting - not sure?

If you need any other measurements, mark them with '?' and next time I'm with the car and can check them.