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Thread: Bonjour ma petite , hi evrybodies !

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    Bonjour ma petite , hi evrybodies !

    In fact my fist meet to Nova kit car began in 1985 with a article's to french magazine.

    and immediatly I wrote a letter to ask at TFS the prices and documentations...

    Next mounth ago I meet Daniel Fidelle french's builder on a "custom car meeting" with 3 fantastics DEFI.

    But the small problem : I juste have fiveteen...

    After a long oblivious time....(29 years after) in summer 2014 , I'm find a french DEFI, but more expensive to my bank account ...


    with patience, I create a French website about Nova and others around the world:

    Next, in september 2014; I'm find a Mark I (Vic Elam factory build) in Holland for a best price.

    sterling rouge 16.jpg

    On july 2015 in WV meeting in Belgium just near on my home, I met David from Poly creation (just live at 15 km on my home !) he make a good quality and very best prices product.

    We work for creat louvers head light, rear bumper and others...

    In september 2015, a collector propose me a very rare french DEFI product early 1980' with a correct grey cart french for a good price.


    This summer I find a fantastic Eagle SS V8 Ford 5.0 HO on classic car .

    Crazy car, loud noise ,great and clear state with Eagle chassis and all mecanic from Ford Mustang 97' = diabolic car ....

    mon Eagle.jpg

    Now, after a very complicate 2016"s business year in France, I decid to change my life for build a Novas and more, and I wish to begin Avril 2016.

    the idea is not a business, just made for fun and passion, because I have a time ,a I have a warehouse , David and Else from Polycréation can make a kit and I can have a precious Nova's winscreen.( coupé and cabriolet).

    For 2018 I hope to buid a new body kit the "Supernova" if god give me a life...

    This summer I made a new website ( ready to end of september 2016) about a Novas and others arround the world for international developpement and improse my english spoking...
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    some great pics and info here; will have a browse at lunchtime (presently at work)

    welcome to the forum here!

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    Well I will have to say great pictures as I spotted a few of our cars here, including mine and Laurens!

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    Welcome Leggara

    Always good to see the forum numbers growing.

    “A plan is only a means of measuring where things went wrong”

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    Hi !

    Thank for your messages !

    I send a new pictures about my cars soon ....

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