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Thread: Alex's new Nova project..... the saga begins!

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    Important! Please read

    I've stuck this in the Announcements thread, but here it is again just to make sure:

    I've just had a message from Paul about a nasty little regulation change that the government is sliding past under the radar. It's going to affect Micksrednova and me, plus anyone else who's building a car with a non stock chassis that will require an IVA test. And it will only be the thin end of the wedge...... The consultation is open for less than 4 weeks and the new rules would come into effect from July this year - so my project hasn't the remotest hope of getting done in time - I'd imagine Mick is in a similar position (though further on than me!).

    There's a link to the discussion on the Rods and Sods forum here:

    At the moment it's a consultation document, (so there's a chance to comment and have your opinions ignored...... ) But basically the proposal is to require any newly IVA tested car to conform to the emissions required for any new vehicle on the date of testing - regardless of the age of the donor vehicle/engine - so basically a garanteed and insolvable fail. And this is their idea, not something imposed by the EU.

    So although it's probably futile, everyone should be making their feelings know to the appropriate channels: here's a link to the consultation document -

    Probably worth nagging your MPs as well. Apparently there are downloadable letters to MPs etc available on a facebook page (can't help, I don't do facebook) but the links are there on page 11 of the Rods posting.
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    It's a 50 year old car and everything works, just not always at the same time.......and it's probably about to get jealous!
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    So I saw, that's going to be a very unpopular change in kit and custom car circles if it gets through

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    Although we shouldn't be complacent, and should all do our best to respond to this consultation, I'm encouraged to see that Complete Kit Car is preparing a good case in defence of the kit car industry ...


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    Well I've been iterating again.... having got the drivers side mirror as I like it I repeated the process for the passenger side and made the mistake of blindly (literally) copied the mount in reverse for the other A-pillar. At that point I discovered one of those little measurement flaws the Nova Shell is prone to: the near-horizontal portion of canopy that runs under the side windows is a different width on either side - at the point where the rear of my mirror mount sits, there's about 8mm more on the drivers side. The window reveals aren't exactly the same either. Sorted that out - THEN I clamped the mirror in place, sat in the seat and tried out the view (hadn't bothered to get Liz to hold the mirror in place on that side as the drivers side had been so easy) - only to find that it was about 90% obstructed by the pillar.... no way of adjusting round that....

    So I've made up a pair of mounts that put both mirrors in a place that works, and will be sawing the first ones off again! Here's the foam mock up in place:

    It's a 50 year old car and everything works, just not always at the same time.......and it's probably about to get jealous!
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    Yes, I found that out, also the hard way - my nearside mirror is partially obscured by the A pillar. Not a big deal for me, as the offside mirror is the one I look in the most and that is fine, but irritating nonetheless as the actual reflective area of the Hella GT 4004 is quite small anyway.

    It's a shame you have to relocate the mirrors because the base of the A pillar is probably the best location from an aesthetic point of view... Still, the important thing is that the mirrors do their job!

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    I remember putting the MX5 mirrors on my last Nova and having the same problem with the width of the vertical, I had done like you and spent the time on the drivers side thinking the passenger side would be the same but I think there was nearly 10mm difference. GGrrrrr


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    Quote Originally Posted by Alzax3 View Post
    only to find that it was about 90% obstructed by the pillar.... no way of adjusting round that....

    Well you could move the pillar!

    My passenger side one is very slightly blocked, but not in any significant manner. It all depends on where you put the quarterlight pillar

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    The quarterlight really wasn't the problem (that mostly came about by aesthetics and meeting the strongerst part of the canopy), the A-pillar absolutely was!
    It's a 50 year old car and everything works, just not always at the same time.......and it's probably about to get jealous!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alzax3 View Post
    the A-pillar absolutely was!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alzax3 View Post
    Thanks both - The quarterlight bar is GRP under the filler - but the plan is to take a mould of the whole lot once finished so that the fibre re-inforcement is where it should be rather than run round with the old panels with filler all over them. And yes the idea is to hinge the main window, will add metal reinforcement if it needs it, but will be stainless as I don't want it making like Eagle door stiffeners. I think the plinth will have to be a seperate item, as it will probably weaken the main pillar if it's part of it. but the whole lot gets sculpted, then I sort it out......There's going to be a lot of messing around with masking tape as I work out shut lines for clamshells.....It's really odd working on the car with the chassis on axle stands - the whole thing is more or less the same height as a normal saloon!
    Did you look at using the TF mirrors? I've looked at the way it fits and think it will sit OK on the roof side. It will use the TF loom so no rewiring needed.

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