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Thread: Webber Carburettors Jettings

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    Webber Carburettors Jettings

    At a swopmeet in Johannesburg a few years ago I stumbled upon two 36 DCD7 carburettors with manifolds for a type 1 VW motor 1600cc. The carbs was lying on their own and the manifolds was at another little scrapheap and they spoke to me. They went home with me with the idea of puting it on the Eagle. It never came to that point because of pier pressure we fitted a Alfa sud motor with a 11.2 compresion ratio because the block was shortened by 1.3mm on each side. It ran quite well but after moving down to the coast pinging was at the order of the day and I have spend a fortune on ultra race fuel concentrate to prevent pinging.

    Going back to a 1600 VW motor with a bit of kick I have fitted these carbs to the manifolds and to the engine. This is where all pleassure goose bumps disappeared. What is the correct jetting and ventury sizes to let this motor run smooth.

    I have put it in here as I have tried to get a webber specialist shop in the RSA but to no successful results. Peter dont Laugh please!!

    Could anybody help me with this delicate matter please!

    Thank you!!

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    Found this link. From SA too so maybe they're common over there. No real answers other than try stuff.

    Also found this link on VWSA, but I expect you found these already.

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