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Thread: SSC now closed

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    SSC now closed

    Hi all,
    Haven't been here in a bit.. as I haven't worked on my car in years. Anyway, just wanted to give a heads up that Sterling Sports Cars is shuttered, possibly for good. The landing page for the website redirects to a new business venture for the owner, but also alludes to Dave being "co-owner" of SSC. What does that mean? Anyone's guess - he isn't returning calls or emails and nothing has been posted on any of his sites or Facebook.

    If you had orders in.. don't hold your breath...

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    Damn, that's not good. I hope they or their successors will either be able to keep selling body shells, or sell the moulds to someone able to continue doing it, but the shell by shell basis is hard on companies like that...
    Hmm, it looks like, when they pull themselves together, they MIGHT still do car projects since its listing in their website, but the stuff doesn't look complete yet... I also noticed someone on their site has an autocad model of the nova, maybe asking via email when its available, will allow whoever wanted that, to take a look
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    Thanks for the update Rick. That is a shame - it was always good to know that somewhere in the world the Nova/Sterling was still in production. I know there are still pockets of production in Malaysia and the Low Countries, but the US operation effectively had a lineage all the way back to CCC in the 70s.

    But who knows - maybe the US Sterling will rise again. After all, it isn't the first time the company has gone out of business...

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    The last contact I had was on the 24-th of Februari (2017) about the availability of an out-of-stock item (the air flow sports hood vent..what's in a name?) I got a reply back from Robert Welch and David Aliberti that they were expecting to be back in production mid April this year. I hope this will work out, because otherwise I have to make it myself....


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    Well that's interesting... few people have heard from Bob in years since his health issues. If they are collaborating and/or Bob bought SSC that might be a good thing. Bob has the money to back up the company..

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    Robert Welsh CEO of the Spector Group has indeed bought the Sterling Sports car company from David Aliberti. A new website is currently under development and the entire operation has been moved to a facility in Delaware. Robert Welsh also owns the rights and moulds to the Cimbria and the plans are to continue supplying parts for all variants as well as developing the car further based on the work done by David Aliberti and himself. Expect a press release soon as well as adverts for the new company
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    Interesting... very interesting... That puts the operation less than 45 minutes from my house!

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    Quote Originally Posted by letterman7 View Post
    Interesting... very interesting... That puts the operation less than 45 minutes from my house!
    I just recently had been emailing with Robert and was infomed that a catalog for parts is being worked on.

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    I was in touch with Sterling Sports cars earlier this year regarding some replacement panels for my Mk1, although I initially received an acknowledgement from Robert, follow-up emails went unanswered and phonecalls went to voicemail - no response received.

    I had a similar experience with, multiple emails & phonecalls (in fairness they do answer the phone), but no replacement panels.

    Now, I don't underestimate the difficulties in running a small business, in the case of poly-creation, they do a lot of work for theme parks, that is their bread & butter and that work tends to be early in the year, so it's not surprising a request for a Nova panel sits at the back of the queue.

    In the end, a friendly member of this forum took a mould of his own car to help me out, which was great, but let's hope that one of the above organisations emerges as a reliable supplier of parts in 2018.

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