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Thread: Nova Kitcar Subaru flat-six PPC magazine project car or scoobynova.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve View Post
    I have received the V5 from DVLA, see the segment below, is it normal for it to say:
    "REBUILT - Assembled From Parts Some of All of Which Were Not New"
    Your old car (my first Nova)

    My second Nova, and I hadn't noticed that these comments were there until I just looked after your post. Not sure if they were there before I had the owner and body type changed..

    Both V5's have the Make as "Nova" now
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    Quote Originally Posted by islandman View Post

    Both V5's have the Make as "Nova" now
    Just checked my V5 and it's got the same "built from parts..." note. However, it's got the make as "Nova" .... hence the reason I'm so keen to save my rusty chassis rather than finding a replacement.


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