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Thread: Nova Kitcar Subaru flat-six PPC magazine project car or scoobynova.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve View Post
    I have received the V5 from DVLA, see the segment below, is it normal for it to say:
    "REBUILT - Assembled From Parts Some of All of Which Were Not New"
    Your old car (my first Nova)

    My second Nova, and I hadn't noticed that these comments were there until I just looked after your post. Not sure if they were there before I had the owner and body type changed..

    Both V5's have the Make as "Nova" now
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    Quote Originally Posted by islandman View Post

    Both V5's have the Make as "Nova" now
    Just checked my V5 and it's got the same "built from parts..." note. However, it's got the make as "Nova" .... hence the reason I'm so keen to save my rusty chassis rather than finding a replacement.


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    About time I updated this thread:
    The body is off the car and the chassis prep has started - it is outsourced to Flatlands Engineering.
    At the moment they are just patching things up where necessary, e.g. there was too much cut away on one of the floor drops
    and the IRS mounts also needed re-jigging, plus the Frame head (which had been hacked) is also being swapped out.

    I have found that building a Nova in 2017 is somewhat different from 1983 ;-)
    i.e. Countless late nights online scratching around for the right parts.

    Anyway, I now have all the parts for the front suspension/steering:
    I've gone for a Limebug front beam (with the stronger shock towers) + Limebug through rods.
    The beam has taller shock towers than stock, it's tight but it should fit as I plan on raising the Nova body
    25mm from the chassis, to add some strengtening; this should give enough clearance.

    The coil-over shocks are Protech 400 series, 14 notch adjustables, I guessed the front-end weight
    of the car to be 325kg and they built me a longer travel shock with a Beetle horizontal top-mount on that basis.

    The shocks take 1.9in internal diameter springs and I got a pair of 12in, 100lbs Falkner springs from Ebay.

    I plan on using a VW Polo 86C Steering rack, mounted on the beam using a Custom bracket made by a guy in Finland:,16738.0.html
    Pretty sure there will be some fun and games getting the tie rods connected and working, we'll see.

    The disks are Empi 22-3863-7, double drilled for Porche 5x130 and Chevy 5x4-3/4 pattern
    and I have gone for Wilwood 120-9689 Dynapro 2-Pot Calipers.
    Fitting the Wilwoods will require switching to Drum brake stub axles
    and using a custom bracket (which itself will need to be modified) from
    There is a custom bracket made by a US firm that *would* fit perfectly, but they wouldn't sell it to me. The name of that company escapes me for the moment sorry ;-)

    Finally a front beam brace, only available here:
    This is currently lost in the post somewhere between Thailand and the UK.
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    Nice set of quality parts you have there! I like the Polo FWD rack, an excellent way of minimising bump-steer on the VW front beam.

    Your list of chassis faults suggests that the original Scooby flat-6 project might have been a bit lethal had it got on the road!

    only Pythagoras can save me now!

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    I really like those brakes, very nice.
    Keep us updated on how they go please .

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    Looking great Steve! Lots of lovely new bits to play with!! It prompted me to have a look back through your thread. You've made great progress.

    I've never come across a front beam brace .... does it fit at the outer ends of the beams, with the other ends bolted to the outer ends of the Nap's hat? Will be interested to hear how it performs once you get on the road.

    I'm still working on my chassis, and today I removed the petrol tank from the body which is suspended above the chassis. I'm going to order a new one, but was keen to get the old one out of the way before I start welding. I had to have a double take at a photo early in your thread which showed your petrol tank upside down but I know you've dealt with that one.

    Looking forward to your next updates


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    Nice update Steve, and from my and Jim's experience with Flatlands you won't be disappointed. They are real craftsmen when it comes to metal work and making things fit properly. I can't wait to see what they come up with

    You like your front braces don't you, I still have the ones you fitted to my Nova back in '83, although only on the bottom tubes and not as sturdy looking as those Thai ones. I will be watching out for that steering rack install with great interest, as I suspect at some point in the future I may swap out my Triumph Dolomite one.

    Keep the updates and photos coming, as now Flatlands have started you ought to be getting almost daily updates and photos based on my experience

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