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Thread: Nova Kitcar Subaru flat-six PPC magazine project car or scoobynova.

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    Looking really good.


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    Quote Originally Posted by steve View Post

    So many holes to choose from Steve !

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    I have a new-old-stock Polo steering rack, which is probably a few years old; the concertina boot rubber had hardened and would slip off its mount at 'full lock'. The other boot was cracked. I purchased a replacement Febi unit which included a sachet of grease, and the proper metal securing clip, a bargain at £7 (Ebay).
    I replaced both boots and applied a shed-load of grease.

    I am prepping for my chassis build (the Chassis is due back from the painters this week) I have a torque wrench and the pic is me checking the calibration using a handle scale (the type you use to weigh your suitcase before a flight), surprisingly no adjustment needed after gathering dust in the garage for >5 years.

    I am not sure what to do WRT torqing up the Chassis bolts.
    I don't believe the stock VW Torque settings still apply, so I'm thinking that I'll use the default torque values based on the size of the thread (M10, M12 etc) any thoughts?

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