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Thread: Eagle soft top

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    Eagle soft top

    Interesting looking Eagle soft top with Pinto engine.



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    It goes to show just how much putting a totally different screen does to mess up the design - whilst giving a much more practical cabin space!
    It's a 48 year old car and everything works, just not always at the same time.......and it's probably about to get jealous!
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    And yet - if it wasn't for the awful soft top - it would still be quite an attractive car. Surely someone could come up with a bolt on/removable hard top to bring some dignity back to this wretched design..
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    It seems the poor ol' Eagle 2+2 is as 'Marmite' as ever. Not surprising it was sold by Dutton as it was Tim Dutton along with his cousin Allen Breeze who started Eagle Cars back in 1981. There seem to be as many versions of the 2+2 as there are 2+2s, I have yet to see two the same design.
    That soft top is horrible I agree and they did make a hard top and a Targa but as I said, no two the same.
    Hope it goes to a good home and not some Ford guy who needs the parts. as has happened to a couple of Ford based Eagles as well as VW based cars.
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