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Thread: Stoneleigh 2017

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    I've just returned from a great day at Stone's.

    Good turn out. Plus I was able to add my Nova to the line up for the first time.

    Great welcome. Great food & cake heaven Even the weather was kind to us.

    Many thanks to all the club members I've meet today. You made us both feel very welcome.

    I've got a couple of tweaks to try on my Nova. Plus I made it there & back with no real problems.

    Cheers all

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    Glad you got back safely, one of the better shows in terms of car line up in years.

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    I was gutted not to take mine, but was so pleased to see a great turn out.
    Great again to put faces to names.
    Also great to share knowledge and experiences, and seeing other ideas.
    Dave, you will have to see Jim's red interior,'s not bad.........only joking, stunning 😀
    Mine will be there next year, promise.....unless it is raining of course !!!

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    More pictures of the cars please guys....... Individual cars if possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffy View Post
    Dave, you will have to see Jim's red interior,'s not bad.........only joking, stunning 😀

    Photos guys!

    I'm so bummed to have missed this year, especially with such a great turn out as expected. Hopefully the same cars come again next year and Mark and I can add ours to the line-up, rain or shine

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    Quote Originally Posted by islandman View Post
    More pictures of the cars please guys....... Individual cars if possible
    Agreed - we must have more's the law
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    Looks like a great line up this year, gutted I can only do UK once in 3 or 4 years but next year maybe I will be retired, again, finally, 14 buggys out on Friday and again on Sunday and as we only have 15 at the moment I have to get them all road worthy and sound, that can mean a LOT of work so no UK.

    Look forward to some more photos, unfortunately as you guys may have noticed the attendance across the road at the Eagle stand was two, very disappointing, still better than none and big thanks to hose who did turn up, so important or we could loose the last decent show in the UK.
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    Here are a few...

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    Well we left early this morning to avoid the usual traffic jams and foul weather coming up from Cornwall, The traffic jam avoidance was a complete success, but we did have atrocious heavy spray conditions most of the way through Devon and Cornwall. Car behaved very well.

    I didn't get much time for photos - though Liz did and will post hers tomorrow. I grabbed a few of the Nova in the morning sun before setting off at 8am on Saturday:

    I took a couple of the Ferrari-ized Nova that turned up again this year:

    It's got a chassis copying a Ferrari one, has an Allfa V6 engine, the owner makes everything from scratch and even taught himself to cut windscreens so that he could trim down a Peugeot one to suit it. It's a 2+2 and has the sort of cavernous boot that I hope the MG chassis will give my new project Nova! He did have a Nova before this car, and made his own hydraulic pump to drive the roof - worth having a chat with him if you catch him at a show in the future!
    Don't know if this will come out - the camera struggled a bit as it was about 11 o'clock at night, but I liked the sodium street-light and blazing campfire illuminating the flank of the car:
    It's a 52 year old car and everything works, just not always at the same time.......and it's probably about to get jealous!
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    Back home here - Sarah and Martha left earlier in the daily to avoid Bank Holiday traffic (with success).

    I was committed to the end of day with the car on the CKC stand, and in the end the organisers declared the show closed at 4.30 with Hall gates starting to open at 4.45.

    Many less professional stands were packed up waiting at 4pm, but we held out out till the 4.30 mark and then started to strip down.

    The team kindly encouraged me to get the Nova out before the trucks blocked the way so I set off at 5pm, and was home at 8pm - 169 miles in total, so a very clear run.

    Journey up was 2 stops over the 169 miles, an initial 70 mile leg, then 60 miles and then 39.

    Journey back was an initial 65 miles until fuel was needed, and then the remaining miles in one stint.

    The run up and initial 65 miles back consumed around 25 litres, and equates to mid to high 30s mpg. For a first long run I am very chuffed, and found the long run not too tiring, aided greatly by the new soundproofing and gearbox set up and the engine not having to rev too highly to cruise along in 5th.

    Once a little closer to home With around 50 miles to go I felt on home turf, and happier to test my right foot a little more, so the fuel economy may have gone down a bit - but a trouble free drive.

    including the road testing last week that is 500 miles covered - time to change the gearbox oil on the new box!

    Good to chat to fellow Nova owners at the show, and looking forward to the next one,
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