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Thread: The New Sterling Sports Car

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    Talking it over with another buddy. Price will have to be right - we're not dumping $30K into it. Damage control is going to be the big issue - how to win back potential customers that got burned ordering parts that were never delivered.

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    You would be the right person for this. Offer him $15k and see where this takes you. Hobby and business at the same time a win-win scenario.

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    :-) He's already got his opening bid from a guy that just threw one out there and has no real experience with a business of this nature. I doubt the bidding will go anywhere... wouldn't he be in for a surprise if the owner suddenly lifted the 'buy-it-now' and he wound up owning everything! My buddy and I talked this evening.. we'll see where the auction goes and take the appropriate steps then. No guarantees on anything at this point.

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    Try and get the original Website Address ( or whatever) included as part of the package, that URL probably has a high google ranking and will be linked to by hundreds of web/forum pages.

    Include Email addresses and inbox/outbox if available.
    You can then respond to my emails from this time last year ;-)

    Seriously though, I admire your passion for the marque, but I think the other guy has already bid too much, for what amounts to a load of moulds and the right to put the next 2 years of your life into building a business around them, that will likely offer meagre returns.

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    Looks like the US Sterling site is back online.

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    So it is, and from the looks of it, much of its databases are intact, my account still works, so it appears user accounts survived the down time too

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    I would be somewhat reluctant to post there as it can become dormant again anytime and all resources and posts would be gone once again.
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    The forum is actively being upgraded. I met with the webmaster at Carlisle Nationals over the weekend. Between the two of us we will try to keep on top of things and keep it active.....

    Especially with some upcoming news from the company... stay tuned....

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    Spill the news.... Did you get the company?

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    Let's just say the company will likely continue. As far as I know no formal paperwork has been done yet.

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