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Thread: bonnet.

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    I think that is a very sensible suggestion. I only have two bonnet nostrils and a slot cut behind the pump to access steering rack and my radiator isn't an ideal angle but no cooling issues. I'm sure air also escapes through edge gaps etc. Obviously air does need to escape but most often the issue is air not going through the rad. Can't access my pics easily from Stoneleigh hotel but my lower bumper solution was very similar to David's with the ducting modified to duct straight to the under bonnet area and any gaps sealed to stop air bypassing. I filled any gaps/joints with silkaflex once final fitted.
    Some of mine under construction


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    Dave / Jim many thanks for your help. There's a couple of things to try.

    Jim nice to see you today at Stone's. We'll sort something out about the smooth bonnet. Great stuff & many thanks.

    I'll be looking at taking my Nova out with no bonnet to see if it's the lack of venting as well

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