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Thread: Two Eagle 2 + Restaurations

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    Have a word with the VERY GOOD Frank Rouse in Cheltenham;

    I have know them for over 25 years and very helpful as well as very good.

    Or,,,,, have a chat with Luc Maes (diy) in Belgium on the EOC forum.
    He is a custom buggy builder and has two Eagle SSs and has been very helpful in the past and he is in Boom, Belgium, a but closer for you.
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    Hello all,

    for john90 :

    Hi, I did the transport myself by renting a truck

    for Gaisa:

    Thank you for your answer, for the hard top, I prefer to buy a vintage rather than redo one more is still a sacred work...

    the soft top, I find someone who can do it for me for a resonable price ( in belgium )!

    Thank you very much Pete, I will see your addresses you are of great help ...

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