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Thread: Nova on Ebay

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    I Text the guy a few days ago asking a few questions about the Nova and asking for more photos but have never heard back ;o(.... tbh its probably beyond my abilities.

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    He posted more now

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    Glasgow. This looks pretty decent. A lot of work, but if you're a handyman?
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    Another Elam Nova Mk1, but this time assembled, with all glazing fitted and a canopy that opens. At the risk of attracting more vitriol I would say this one was worth a punt

    I like the white/black trim combination too, much more space-age!

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    Yea ....Its a wee bit beyond my abilities, and not sure what the guy means by saying it just needs finishing off!!!!!.....does this mean the dreaded IVA would be required ,,,I mean if it has never been on the road or had an MOT,,, as far as im aware this is a nightmare scenario as I believe this is a very strict and costly thing to do....get a kit car thru an IVA ... I have been in touch with the guy to ask him and await his answer....
    Unfortunately unlike down south we dont have many Garages up here who would get the car to a rolling , running standard then I would finish it off, with a few nifty ideas I have in my head....not telling in case someone copies me lol....but hey I suppose i need an actual car this space :0}

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    No bids at £1900 (can't say I'm surprised) now relisted at £99 start with 1 bid. I suspect it will make about £500 - £750 if it sells this time round.

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    No iva on this one, it is fully registered. Last tax about 1991. A lot of work but get it at the right price and it is a good start. I would phone the guy and ask what is there and if he had a bin price (not £1900). It would be a long winter rebuild for this one and a bit more.

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    The car is relatively complete, the body hasn't been butchered about, I would certainly say its a great starting point for anyone looking to build a Nova.

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    Body has been off.
    Not bolted down. Makes life easier for the restorer !

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