This quick 'drop the motor to replace the piston rings and investigate the odd tightness quickly before the MOT' malarkey seem&s to have developed into a mini resto!! So far the jobs added to the list include...

  • return to stock cooling: replace missing tinware; remove external cooler & filter.
  • de-gunk and paint the engine bay
  • clean and repaint all the tinware
  • tidy up the engine bay and rear light wiring.
  • replace the fuel filler pipe.
  • wire to fuel pump to auto-stop is the engine stops.
  • rewire the roof pump , including adding a fuse!
  • install the rear view cctv I bought years ago!
  • attempt to add new panelling to the engine bay to keep exhaust heat from the cooling air.
  • move the roof pump to the forward compartment.
  • ...and probably a bunch more will crop up as I progress

All this in the knowledge that without the Nova 'on the road', I can't crack on with my other projects...

Good thing it's all good fun