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Thread: VHI - Vehicles of Historic Interest

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    Well done Phil.

    I am sure you fell very proud of what you have achieved.
    May the sun shine on your first ride !!

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    Great news, and so easy too.

    I just read that my car will have to have single vehicle accreditation as it doesn't have a type approval number (homogenisation) even though it has a registration number from the UK (Q) and as with anything in Spain, that is gonna cost, lots!
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    Bonza mate, great result

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    Today a second V5C arrived in the post so I now have two V5C documents for my car? Both have the same details and historic Taxation class but different document reference numbers?

    My question now is should I be returning one of the documents, and if so - which one?
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    I'd be inclined to return the 2nd one Phill, and give them a note of the reference number of the 1st one. The DVLA have been getting a lot of criticism in the press about losing people's documents ... I suspect this is just another cock up

    .... or you could just keep it and get your other body onto a rolling chassis with the same reg no etc


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