Hi all,

I'm just watching "The Grand Tour" (with thanks to my wife who's recently got us an Amazon Prime stick!) and in Series 1 there are 2 episodes with the "3 musketeers" driving beach buggies over horrendous terrain for over a 1000 miles in the desert. I flew over the Namibian Desert on my way to South Africa a long time ago, and I can vouch for the vastness of it, and it's beauty!!

I'm absolutely astonished at how well the VW chassis and engine (on 2 of them that is ... coz Jeremy's has got a Rover V8!) can cope with the conditions.

The Nova has been berated in the past for being based on prehistoric mechanics, but it's refreshing to see the ""3 musketeers" singing the Beetle's rolling chassis's praises to the World!!