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Thread: Wiring loom

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirk View Post
    If you are going to use any sort of crimp connectors make sure you have the correct ratchet crimp tool and do not solder the connectors. It might be a bit expensive but will last a life time and do a much better job.

    Hi Dirk, What is best practice on this?
    Care to post some links to the best tools for building a home-brew loom?
    There seems to be a lot of interest in this.

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    I'm not really sure what is best practice, but for me I will try and crimp wherever possible with the correct ratchet tool for the connector. I don't like soldered joints on connectors that move or vibrate (most connectors in a car) as they become brittle and any flexing will cause a fracture at some point. the only time I will solder on a car is joining two wires and then I tin both wires seperatley but don't twist them hold them together and fuse then cover with heat shrink. I try and avoid insulated terminals wherever possible (but sometimes you do need to use them) I would rather use uninsulated ones and buy boots it makes a much better connection it does mean you need another tool.


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    I would agree with Dirk - crimp provides a more reliable electrical connection in a high vibration environment. We use crimp connections on all of our spacecraft harness at work for the same reason (launch vibration).

    That hasn't stopped me using solder on the Cannon connectors though


    PS - I have a ratchet tool for insulated connectors and a crimp tool for non-insulated. If I was to choose just one it would be the non-insulated tool, as Dirk recommends. You can buy insulating boots separately.
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