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Thread: V5c change of Make to Nova

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    V5c change of Make to Nova

    My V5c has a Make (field D1) of VOLKSWAGEN, I'd like to change that to Nova.

    I believe my car is ~unusual in that when it was first built in 1980,
    it was registered as a new vehicle with a 'W' (i.e. 1980) Reg.
    (the Beetle donor car was an earlier L reg).

    The V5c Special Notes says:
    ...which I think implies that the car is a special, i.e. not a single make vehicle.

    But I'm not sure if that makes any difference to anything...

    I have some paperwork from 1980 which shows the car was built, insured & MOT'd, back then,
    so the failure to change the Make to Nova, was an oversight.

    So if I supply DVLA with evidence that the car was built as a Nova from day 1, and ask them to change the Make accordingly, what could possibly go wrong?

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    My first Nova was also a W reg, and I bought it early enough (I didn't build it) that I didn't have to MOT it for a couple of years. I think the ability to register a freshly built kit as a 'new' car didn't last that many more years.
    Changing the vehicle make to 'Nova' shouild be a formality - IF your car is substantially standard then you could probably get historic status if you wanted a black plate and no tax. Ant had a W plate car too, and was going to go that route, but didn't get round to it before selling the car on.
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    I've written to DVLA twice now, both my cars (one being your old one) now state Nova as the make. As long as you lay out the facts (purchased, when first registered etc..), pointing out the following :-

    1) You have seen many comments on web forums about the importance of correcting V5's
    2) Historically DVLA was inconsistent in how they registered our kit cars, and several of your club members have successfully now corrected theirs and you wish to do so too.

    This the lady I wrote to, she was very helpful and reasonable.

    Sharon Knight
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    I agree with Islandman

    I had one of the Avantes changed from
    Model Sports
    Make Volkswagen

    To just Model Avante

    and my Nova from
    Model Beetle 1500
    Make Volkswagen

    To just
    Model Nova

    I think DVLA must keep a lot more information than you can see on a V5 Like colour changes, engine changes ect and I think if you supply them with the info that sort of ties in with what the have on record it goes through fine. I sent my stuff to the same person as David.


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