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Thread: V5c change of Make to Nova

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    Quote Originally Posted by islandman View Post
    I would write back and explain the De luxe part, but also explain that "most" (ok maybe an exaggeration, at least I have two like that and so does Dirk) of your fellow Nova owners have the make just as "Nova" and can yours be corrected accordingly.
    Mine also has 'Nova' as the 'Make' and '2-Axle-Rigid Body Saloon' as the 'Model/Type' so that must mean there's an "overwhelming majority" of Novas registered like that!
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    How many times have I been looked at as mad, when I say "I have a Nova" and the other person asks "Vauxhall Nova?"... and I say "no, VW" `¬)
    ...assuming they are not American of course!

    I think, (I'll have to dig it out to be sure), mine simply says 'VW Sports', is there any benefit to getting that changed?

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    Thanks gents, I'm going to contact DVLA again.

    Having said that, I think the benefits are somewhat esoteric:
    feel-good factor for the current owner,
    any future buyer will probably ask the if car is correctly registered with DVLA,
    possible future-proofing should the DVLA have a clamp-down,
    and as Dirk suggests, it may allow you more leeway for radical (non-VW) chassis mods.

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