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Thread: Important! Please read

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    It would be nice to think that a bit of common sense could be applied, but from most previous experience, I don't hold a lot of hope! Glad you've had your say, if we'd done absolutely nothing we'd have no right to grumble afterwards.....
    It's a 50 year old car and everything works, just not always at the same time.......and it's probably about to get jealous!
    *Donate to Euro-Nova today!*

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    Thanks Alistair.

    And you're spot on Alex!
    I may not currently own a nova, but I DO plan on getting one in the future and if I end up going the same way you MG-Nova guys are, I can see the additional complications the idiot... uh.. bureaucrats create make innovative projects get sucked down the drain, all because of a lack of imagination

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