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Thread: Nova barn find (Field find actualy)

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    Nova barn find (Field find actualy)

    Discovered this car less than a couple of miles from me sitting in a field beside a small holding.



    Managed to track down the owner who tells me the car is not for sale and he has plans to rebuild it using an MR2 as the donor car.

    I told him about Euro Nova , so hopefully he'll look in here sometime and introduce himself and his project
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    Wow! that shell looks impressively clean, regardless of its being left to the elements. Those wheels are a good bonus, my only concern is the chassis is probably too far gone to salvage, but, if he's thinking of going an alternate way, that may not be a problem

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    I find it so frustrating to see what looks like a pretty good body and set of wheels sitting doing nothing. I hope he can find the time to make a start relatively soon. What's even more frustrating is to see a lovely Mk1 bonnet clearly looking for some love and attention!


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