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Thread: New continental based member

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    Sorry !

    No NOVA today on: sold ?


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    Windscreens for the Nova are still being produced by special order (by Pilkington glass and can also be ordered/ fitted via Autoglass- if you search through the recent discussions on the subject on the forum you will find all the information.



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    Friedl, thanks for the input about the German Nova for sale and your friend Karl's. Do you remember how much the German one was?

    Madscientist, thanks for the tip. It is good to know screens are available.

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    I am going to view a Nova that might be this actual car. What might be causing the roof to wobble from side to side like this as it lifts up? Is it a big problem? Is there anything obvious to look for?


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    Quote Originally Posted by John90 View Post
    Thanks all for the info on driver height, etc! 5" floor pan drop. Sounds a lot! I have seen 2 now (Sterlings) on Bring a Trailer in the US, $5000 running from a museum, and $1950 with a new engine not fitted, both in the last 2/3 years.

    I would like to find an older Beetle engined one, rather than something with a modern engine, but it is good to know they are still made. Ultimately I would want to register/drive it in Switzerland, although I have access to a car trailer based in Basel, which is very handy for France/Germany picking up cars. Something from the UK would also do, I am often around London and the south.

    Are new windscreens available from Belgium? Any idea how much they cost?
    Hi John,

    Re ultimately driving it in Switzerland, I don't know what your budget is, but have you seen this? It's well over priced in my view, but ....

    Edit: PS I've just looked at your video ... it's the same car!


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    Quote Originally Posted by dango View Post
    Hi John, welcome to the forum.
    No NOVA or Sterling club in Germany or Austria.
    My Friend Karl have sold his LHD Sterling for 14000 Euro.
    A NOVA is for sale in Germany:
    You can see many fotos on my site and you can contact me in German language.



    Some nice photos on your web site and I love your registration number


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirk View Post

    Some nice photos on your web site and I love your registration number

    About custom regs, I can't make my vehicle look newer but I can make it look older?
    How can I get hold of a NOVA related plate?
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    Hi Red Vodka, DVLA can issue age related plates. I also managed to get an original number back for free. other than that number plate auctions. For me, an age related plate, 70s Wolfrace wheels and some suitable stripes or graphics would be ideal.

    I saw this red Nova yesterday. It is at a classic car facility so didn't meet the owner or drive it but it started nicely and sounded great. I discovered that the previous owner advertised it as having a gearbox issue prior to sale. It has been in a collection off road since the 2016 sale. I imagine I will need to pull the engine and box from day1.
    The biggest problem is that the car is customs duty paid but not Street registered. To make things easier I have to find another Nova road registered in Switzerland. This Nova has UK paper work right now. Perhaps one option is to find a Switzerland based Gryf owner. I am wondering if they are VW based as they have 5 stud wheels.

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    Hi John,
    The price for the German NOVA was 12500 or 13500 Euro and much work for the future......

    Hi Dirk,
    Thank you for your friendly reply.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Red_Vodka View Post
    About custom regs, I can't make my vehicle look newer but I can make it look older?
    How can I get hold of a NOVA related plate?
    Depends how deep your pockets are!

    All the best,


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