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    Thanks everyone for all the help so far! I have seen the car now. The engine ran nicely and the canopy lifted up and down with a wobble like the youtube video. Winning 17 competitions over 17 years ago doesn't translate into a pristine car today that could perhaps again win at shows, which is the condition I had hoped for at that price! The seats would need to be completely redone for me due to my height, and ideally the floor lowered more perhaps (it had a 2.5" drop). The car had no current Swiss MOT as it stands. The previous (UK) seller stated that the gearbox jumped out of 4th gear, although we were not able to drive it to test (not really sure why). Clearly the gearbox had not recently been removed. Plus I am not keen on the wheels, tyres are old, the chrome is no longer perfect and I would prefer some Wolfrace of one style or another. Being RHD is only a slight negative really. I have decided I am happy with a steering wheel on either side.

    I like building cars up, have the space, tools, towing vehicle with trailer, but am generally pushed for time. Despite this, incomplete project cars suddenly look really attractive, and I am beginning to understand what others have said about up and running cars not being available! So something with or without an engine/gearbox, perhaps needing some welding and a repaint (not happy with this paint or the floor drop), no seats, wheels etc, is suddenly of much more interest.

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    If it's this car at this price; CHF27.5 = GBP £20.4k, IMO you are right to walk away.

    If it had a 4th gear, an MOT, some provenance, e.g. History, paperwork, pictures of the build, a solid chassis, and drove well, it would be a ~£10k car. I actually like this car a lot; interior, wheels, colour are great, etc. but £20k is bonkers in my view.

    Why not just grab the next basket-case project car that comes up on Ebay?
    There are some quite interesting chassis, suspension and drive train options available to you; Subaru 5 speed box & Engine, Tube chassis using Golf mechanicals. Red9 all singing-and-dancing front suspension. There has never been a better time to build a high-spec car. You can outsource some of the build to save time.

    If you'd prefer to stick with a VW aircooled lump, Someone is even installing Subaru gearbox mated to a VW Type 4 engine, there are plenty of options out there.

    The only downsides are that it will be expensive and take you 2 years ;-)

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    as you say, even with shipping etc, that has to be a bargain! `¬)

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    Yes, Steve, it is that car. On importing to Switzerland, it generally costs 15% of the purchase price, but that doesn't account for the difference. Basically tax on invoice price plus transport cost or fuel if driving. We would like to stick with VW based Nova's as anything else is an unknown for the import process. We would like to know of any Swiss based Novas if they are reading this!

    We have seen another VW based car locally, LHD, original gel coat, for sale by the first owner who has had it 30 years or so. He is getting a new MOT. This should keep us busy and get us up to speed with "bugs" until we find a Nova. We will keep £10K on standby for a possible UK/european Nova! It makes sense to get something that could be made drivable fairly easily, perhaps even having a new engine fitted in the UK as driving over with a trailer would cost more than a flight/one way ferry and a few days DIY testing/spanner work on a UK driveway. I am certainly up for an ebay rescue project, depending on price, etc.

    That one on Craigs List looks promising! Thanks!
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    I think KD Nova has one still for sale derivable and under your budget look through his posts and send him a PM.


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