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Thread: Eagle SS Kit car for sale

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    Eagle SS Kit car for sale

    Admin, please delete if already posted before.

    Nice little project for someone maybe?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Red_Vodka View Post
    Admin, please delete if already posted before.

    Nice little project for someone maybe?
    Hi Tobias,

    Given the shortage of Novas, this is a very attractive alternative project. I remember way back in the 80's when I got my Nova I seriously considered an Eagle just in case I couldn't find a Nova. To be honest, if I had the time, etc, I'd ideally have one of each but her indoors would want a divorce!

    The seller has been very open (ie the IVA for the Ford route) and I agree that the VW route is preferable, if you want to complete relatively quickly and at a reasonable cost. Leaving aside the crazy Mad Max wheels/tyres, £500 for an unused body is a fair price.

    So if I was sick & tired of waiting for a Nova to come along I'd snap this up! Hopefully someone on our Forum will get this and join Peter and Chris with their Eagle SS's.

    Good man for sharing this!


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    Nice looking MkIII Ford SS, I am glad he is selling it as going the "Mad Max route" would almost certainly have spelt its death as is the case in 90% of these 'projects'. keeping it honest and straight is the best way to getting on the road.

    The chassis on the later Ford SS and RV is not as on the early ones and does not follow the VW footprint but is rather a straight ladder chassis.
    Eagle RV -SS chassis VW to Later.jpg

    As far as Novas go, of course you can have one anytime, just need the money to buy a new one from Belgium or a Moon Ace from Malaysia.
    Moon-Ace GT headlights.jpg
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    This is very tempting. Thanks for posting!

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