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Thread: Haynes roadster for sale including trailer

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    Haynes roadster for sale including trailer

    Hi everybody....unusual first post I know but there is logic behind it....I WANT ANOTHER NOVA
    I last built one 36 yrs ago when they were still in production, now older and wiser I want to take on another one, hence this AD easier to post ebay link as the description is a novel but the piccies are good

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    Hi k4kev,

    Welcome to the forum, It looks like you did a nice job on the roadster. Hopefully you can find a Nova to do a similar job.
    In your add you say you built the fuel tank, did you have to have it pressure tested and certified for the IVA?



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    Hi Dirk my knowledge there is no standard for pressure testing a fuel tank for IVA all it needs is to be leak free and have a fuel vent that self seals in an inverted situation

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    Hi Kev, Welcome to the forum.
    Care to post some pics of your old car?

    Are you looking to buy a basket-case Nova project car or an on-the-road vehicle?

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    Hi Steve ...alas I do not have any photo's of my first Nova (criminal I know), It was white and 1/4" thick f/glass almost was not light, was based on a 1500 bug, it used to be parked outside my flat in a notorious Town End Farm, in Sunderland and rather than it get nicked I part x'd it for a Hilman Avenger (jeez) at Kieth Oman cars of Sunderland ...needless to say I would love to know what happened to it. As for what am I looking for....more of a basket case I think, I have thoughts of a volvo T5 in the back, now that will be an interesting install.

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    Back on ebay again this time as an auction
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    Just had a look at your ad, very nice work 👍

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffy View Post
    Just had a look at your ad, very nice work 👍
    Cheers Buffy.....hope to do the same to a Nova one day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K4KEV View Post
    Cheers Buffy.....hope to do the same to a Nova one day.
    Hi K4KEV,

    Have you seen the Nova on ebay that Mark (Buffy) shared yesterday? .....


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    I have Alistair ....but alas it is starting to become pricey for what it is. I have a couple of irons in the fire tho

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