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Thread: How to buy a Windscreen

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    How to buy a Windscreen

    In the last 3 months I have learned more than I'd care to about Nova Windscreens, and I wanted to share what I have found, as buying a screen is more of a drama than it should be.

    First point to note is that the retail price for a replacement Nova windscreen from Pilkingtons is around GBP £1k, and the lead time is 10 weeks (Information correct as per May 2018).

    What caused me some confusion at first is that a given Nova screen will have two reference numbers;
    A HT Classics Code and an ARGIC Eurocode.

    e.g. for a Clear Nova windscreen with Obscuration banding:
    HT Classics Code is: A0573 CLB1
    ARGIC Eurocode is: 9886ACLB1

    The ARGIC Code is easier to decipher:
    98 = Kit Car (Make)
    86 = Nova/Avante (Model)
    A = Windscreen
    CL = Clear (Main Screen tint)
    1B = Obscuration Band (This is the black band around the edge of the screen to hide the sealant/glue)

    You can also specify a Top Tint/Shadeband,
    e.g. So for a Nova Screen with a GreeN tint (overall), with a BronZe Top Tint, with Obscuration Band
    the ARGIC Code is 9886GNBZ1B (HT Classics code: A0573 GNBZ1B)

    The colour Suffixes available are:

    The ARGIC EuroCode (Google it) is cross-manufacturer, so in theory you could go to any European windscreen manufacturer with the ARGIC code and they could produce a screen (or at least know what you are talking about).

    As for the HT Classics Code, I *believe* this is proprietary Pilkingtons reference.
    You will see that the suffix codes (CL, GN, 1B etc.) are the same between both codes.

    Nova Screens are made to order and there are >30 different screen options (combinations of Tint, Shadeband & Obscuration Band) available. Screens fit all Nova body types: Mk1, Mk2 & Mk4

    In the UK, Pilkingtons are the main (only?) Manufacturer of Nova screens, screens can be purchased direct from them or via Autoglass, who will source the screen from Pilkingtons, it may be advantageous to do this as Autoglass can handle any return issues, e.g. if the screen doesn't fit, and are more customer friendly than Pilkingtons IMO. Prices are similar (Autoglass vs Pilkingtons), Autoglass being slightly cheaper based on quotes I received.

    The information below came from Pilkingtons and lists some of the more popular screens:
    Note that the prices exclude VAT.


    HT - Classics Code Eurocode (ARGIC) Make Main Tint Colour Top Tint/ShadeBand Obscuration Band Price £
    A0573 GNBL 9886AGNBL NOVA (FI) Green Blue 857.92
    A0573 CL 9886ACL NOVA (FI) none (Clear) 839.95
    A0573 BZ 9886ABZ NOVA (FI) Bronze 840.04
    A0573 BZBL 9886ABZBL NOVA (FI) Bronze Blue 889.40
    A0573 BZBZ 9886ABZBZ NOVA (FI) Bronze Bronze 889.40
    A0573 GN 9886AGN NOVA (FI) Green 844.48
    A0573 CLGN 9886ACLGN NOVA (FI) none (Clear) Green 856.09
    A0573 GNGN 9886AGNGN NOVA (FI) Green Green 857.92
    A0573 GN1B 9886AGN1B NOVA (FI) Green Yes 909.71
    A0573 BZ1B 9886ABZ1B NOVA (FI) Bronze Yes 909.71

    So to purchase a screen, choose your screen from the options above and contact Pilkingtons (with the HT Classic or ARGIC code) or Autoglass (use the ARGIC Code).

    A useful contact at Pilkingtons is
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    Okay, I'm glad I always have my windscreens insured, that's more expensive than last time someone mentioned screen prices!

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    That's what this Forum is all about ... sharing knowledge and information. Excellent work!

    I have to say though, that it suggests to me that when anyone finds a 'Nova project' this all helps put a value on it .... ie, if it's got a half decent canopy fitted with a good windscreen then it would be reasonable to expect to have to part with about £1K ..... but if it's also got a body, a decent chassis (V5), engine, and is actually road legal .... well, who knows!?!

    It makes me think about the black Nova at the auction house near Livingston a few of us talked about possibly going for a couple of months ago. Remember it only got to £80 the 1st time then seemed to disappear the 2nd time it went to auction ... clearly we should have gone for it! I have a sneaky feeling that David Holland who recently joined the Forum managed to buy it (going by his FB page ... does this make me a stalker?!?) ... He's been relatively quiet on here so far .... So how's it going David, was it you who bought the black Nova?

    Anyway, I'm really looking forward to seeing your Nova emerge from Flatlands soon ...

    Cheers, Alistair

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    Steve- just to echo Alistair’s comments- excellent work on supplying this information!

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