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Thread: How to buy a Windscreen

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim73vw View Post
    Bugger - I feel your pain, and hate to make it worse, but the lead time is optimistic- I’m still waiting on mine..........
    Double ouch! ouch for the bonnet flying off (Paddy and Jim) ouch for the wait till till they can be back on the road!

    When I purchased mine I think it too around 12 weeks, it didn't really matter for me so much as I was out of the country

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaddyX21 View Post
    I'll worry about that side of things later - I'm just looking to get the ball rolling on a replacement for now, especially given the long lead time!
    Pilkingtons have just given the Windscreen fitters a 12-15 week lead time!
    You are right about the post/shipping from the States. I used to buy a LOT from U.S. companies, over $3K in engine parts alone but not any more, I even block U.S. on my eBay searches. with duty, tax and shipping it can double the price of parts. Shame, as there is a lot I would buy in U.S rather than China, which has free shipping a lot.

    Moan over, thread returned with thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PaddyX21 View Post
    Thank you for this!

    Unfortunately my bonnet was not secured by the MOT garage after passing it's MOT today, and it flew up and smashed the windscreen 😭

    Not Mr. Happy right now, but using this information you have kindly provided then hopefully I won't have to wait too long before I'm back in business
    Urrrgh, Sorry to hear that man

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    Just checked back on my post when I was having issues with windscreens.

    Autoglass turned up with one which did not fit, so had to get Pilkingtons to make another to the correct spec. Between the first visit and then fitting was 6 weeks, so the glass was made in less than that time.
    They can do it , if they want to ........

    For info

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