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Thread: torsion bar front lowering and raising

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    torsion bar front lowering and raising

    hi again and thanks for the sunroof help got the webasto and will fit with some reshaping of the hole

    i have a new problem regarding the torsion bars on the front
    many years ago early nineties when i first built her there was an article possibly a builders tip about lowering the front by removing the small torsion bar from the assembly on the front does anyone still have that article as i can remember if it was just the top one or bottom one or both ?
    and after these years the front has lowered a little and im looking to raise it slightly so looking to see what the original said as i can then work out where to go from here hope someone can help

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    Hi Trev,
    The procedure is described on page 160 of the Modifications Manual which you can download from this site.
    Click on the 'Downloads' tag near the top of this page, then Click on 'Manuals', the Modification Manual is the second one down on the list.

    The advice given is rather old-school IMO, if you are willing to put your hand in your pocket, sway-a-way adjusters or thru-rods + Coil overs, are a better way to go.

    Just my 002

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    Alternatively leave the torsion bars as they are and fit some coil over shocks at the front to lift the nose up (that's what I did , as when Steve first built mine they didn't have many speed humps)

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