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Thread: Show Us Your Nova/Avante/SS in it's previous life ....

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    Why did you swap the Mk1 bonnet for a Mk2? I'm not surprised you went back to the Mk1 recently.
    I swapped it because the old mark 1 had heavy gel coat crazing in the middle and I wanted to replace it. Unfortunately at that time Sam Cobley who owned the company then was only producing the Mark 2 bonnets.

    But yes I'm so much happier that I want back to the mark 1

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    Probably the only photo I have seen of a VW donor on the road. Ironically that beetle would now be worth a LOT more than the Nova, which is why sadly so many VW based kits have been scrapped for their VW underpinnings. (and Ford Cortina bits for the Eagles).
    cut UP ss.jpg

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