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Thread: Cimbria SS, Subaru Powered

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    In that case you might want to take a look at my original approach (see below). 2"×4" perimeter frame with bolted on Aluminum floor. The total cost was under $200. This configuration provides excellent stiffness and 4" full length lowered floor. In addition I was able to reduce flange width and that opened up more option for seats selection.

    That was my plan until I discovered that VW chassis was cometely out of spec, probably due to previous accident of some sort. That was the reason why I decided to build my own chassis.

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    I sure wish you'd be posting on the Sterling site as well as here. USA USA USA ... Just kidding folks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratrog64 View Post
    I sure wish you'd be posting on the Sterling site as well as here. USA USA USA ... Just kidding folks!

    It’s all about trust…. what I mean is that the Sterling website goes up and down like a yo-yo. So, who is going to trust that their posts will be there next week for others to see?

    We did have the UK Nova site disappear once, but Dan resurrected it and thankfully since then we haven’t lost it……. I’ve tried to access the Sterling site on quite a few occasions and it simply wasn’t there.

    So if you want reliability post here

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    To my point, I'm clearly not the only one that notices

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    Oh ya...drag me into this. I have however, kept up with the Sterling and most of it's variables since 1976. Not to sidetrack to far...still have the Cimbria SS that I've yet made time to bring back to life, but added another toy as retirement closes in. 2019 ZR1


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    The forum page is a very pared down version of what it once was to try to update the software. The owner is very aware that people have jumped ship because he wasn't keeping up on it. Hopefully things will stay a little more stable from here on out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frodoz737 View Post
    Oh ya...drag me into this.

    Oops sorry, after seeing the first post I went to check if the site was back up, and yours was the first post I saw

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    Not to sidetrack your conversations but back to my build. I once again fit checked chassis to the body and set the ride height to my preference. All fits nice and tight. Ignore tubes sticking out of the sides as those were meant for alignment only and will be removes. I am very satisfied how it came out. Time to take it all as part for final welding and painting.

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    The ride height does look good and the arches are filled out well

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    I don't think it could look any better. Your wheel and tire choice is fantastic. I can't wait to see that body in one color, its just so distracting right now .. LOL.

    Oh and I wasn't suggesting you not posting here, I was just suggesting you post on the Sterling site as well. Either place, I still get to follow your amazing progress.

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