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Thread: Cimbria SS, Subaru Powered

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    Looking very nice man, thanks for sharing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sector View Post
    The only downside to this upload method is picture quality seems much worse.
    Not a problem, it's not a photo competition . Just glad to see your work and mighty fine it is too.

    As David said, on this side of the pond it would attract a lot of unwelcome bureaucracy and form filling but of course, once we have that cursed 'Q' registration for a 'vehicle of unknown age or origin' we can do what the hell we like include changing the chassis as there is no specification or homogenization on the one that went through the test. Of course those who go the donor route with original reg' number will have to comply more but still as long as the chassis number is the same who knows?
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    Looks really solid, nice job and quick too.

    try loading the photos to then post the BB link it provides once they are uploaded. That way we will get to see your chassis in all its detail and glory.

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    What do you think about off road application? Just kidding, snapped this photo half way through the process of lowering body onto the chassis. Some minor trimming was required to accommodate the tubular frame, hence the reason of doing it this way. Finished installation but it was too dark to take any decent photos.

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    You are following the eyeball engineering techniques, build first and figure out how to make it fit later on

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    Sometimes yes, but not this time. It was critical to plan ahead. I undersized all cuts to get a tight fit. So now the body fits like a glove. Also, even though currently body and suspension are not bolted to the chassis, they can't move due to chassis's shape. Works sort of like an interlocking jig.

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    Very impressive. I know from bitter experience how easy it is to get a "sloppy fit", body on chassis - boom, all done. NOT!

    Then you have to spend months making infill panels, repairing sections of fibreglass cut out in haste... You have definitely taken the right approach!
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    Took some photos today of the body fully mounted on the tubular chassis. For the first time since I started this build, both rear wheels are in line (had to scrap VW chassis due to bent torsion tube which caused rear driver's wheel to misalign with respect to the other side).



    Disregard the fact that rear wheels stick out, my current spacers are too thick. I was too lazy to address this at this stage.


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    I also played around with a different wheel style that I have from my Dodge Challenger. They are called Brass Monkey (came from Challenger Hellcat). This is my winter wheel set.



    Reduced spacer thickness but not enough to tuck those wheels inside the body. If I were to use these wheels I would go with lower profile but much wider tire.

    So which wheel style do you think would look best on the car? Obviously regardless of the wheel set, I will lower both front and rear of the car by another 2 inches. Current ground clearance is a whopping 8 inches so there is plenty room for the drop.
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    Impressive progressive in what has been a relatively short time since you discovered the bent torsion tube

    I'm not so sure those much larger wheels work

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