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Thread: Cimbria SS, Subaru Powered

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    I agree with David, the larger wheels look out of proportion; the first set look more in keeping with the car?

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    Those bigger wheels put it in the "Wacky racer" class. the smaller wheels look much better, also, as I have said many times, the very low profile tires are bloody uncomfortable on lighter cars, really hard on the butt.

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    Yeah, those are 20 inch rims, so they do look big.

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    So I've been working on finishing the chassis, mainly the coilover conversion. Building is easy and fast but engineering aspects takes a lot of time. I stil have to make a fuel tank bracket and transmission mount. After that I will take it all apart again for painting.20190707_163838.jpg20190707_163846.jpg20190707_163850.jpg

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    Nice update, I'm loving that box section steel...

    What are you going to use paint-wise?

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    Sector do you do welding for a living? As they seem too good for a hobby welder

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    Thanks. I started welding about a year ago, when I began building this chassis. Those welds are some of the early once, using flux core wire (hence some minor splatter), since I was welding outside. I am now using solid wire with argon/co2 mix and results are order of magnitude better. I am somewhat hooked on welding now and don't know how I lived without it.

    As for the paint, I will be using Eastwood chassis primer and paint. I've used it on new metal in some of my previous projects with great results. Whenever I have some questionable metal (minor surface rust) I resort to POR15 paint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sector View Post
    Thanks. I started welding about a year ago, when I began building this chassis. ...... I am somewhat hooked on welding now and don't know how I lived without it.
    I'm very much in the same boat. With the help and encouragement of the good folks on this Forum I took the plunge, bought a good welder, and taught myself. If you're interested, you can see my thread on whether or not to weld myself here .....

    Most of the welding for my restoration is now complete, but I can't wait to find something else to weld. It's so satisfying!


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    It is looking very good


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    I was once again experimenting with wheels and decided to fit check my Porsche racing set on my Cimbria and I like the way they fit. Front wheels are 19x8.5 and rear are 19x12. They currently have racing slicks, 235 in the front and 315 on the back. But if I switch to street tires I would like to go wider, 245 in the front and 345 in the back. Obviously I would need to lower my car few inches to close that ugly wheel gap but otherwise I am very pleased about the fit. And the best part, I don't need to run wheel adapters. Does anyone else run 345 tires in the back?

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