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Thread: Cimbria SS, Subaru Powered

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    The Cimbra must be a wider bodyshell than the Nova, your wheels look great,
    but on a Nova, anything over 295 wide at the rear looks a bit 'Carlos Van Dango'
    Depends on other factors like offset as well of course.

    In case that is a UK only reference, here is the link

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    To my understanding Cimbria is only 2 inches wider overall than Nove/Sterling. But I am also using late model Porsche 944 aluminum trailing arms that are 1.25" wider than early model aluminum trailing arms. So I figured based on those facts Nova/Sterling would be able to run that size tire as well.

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    Fit checked Sterling luvers. Follows body shape well but needs to be extended to cover entire opening.


    I orginally wanted to go with 345 tires but settled with 325 as I was able to get them on sale. So the rear set is 325/30R19 and front's are 245/35R19. They are Copper Zeon RS3-S. I could not install front tires as existing bolt pattern is wrong size.

    I am now at no turning back point for the front suspension as I cut off VW suspension to prepare for double wishbone front suspension.
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