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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueNova View Post
    Sounding very promising Brett. Would be good to see and hear it in a video sometime
    I have made a very basic video of it.

    Due to the limitations of my email provider I had to make it on 2 parts. The videos are very short so I could get under the 20mb that my email provider has limited the size of the content to be sent.
    I am no member of social media so I can't post a link to it and this site has no video options as you know, however I could email the 2 videos to you or someone and then they could post it(or not).

    I assume if I go to your profile there is an email address for sending the videos to you.

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    If you are OK with them being posted I can do so

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    ok so I can't figure out why the youtube versions are not working, and its late and I'm a quick fix is dropbox link instead

    edit : figured it I think
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    Thanks for sharing guys ... very smooth and quiet

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    That is seriously impressive, Brent. Amazing job.

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