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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirk View Post
    Very nice, when spraying gel coat can you get that coverage with just one coat, I have only brushed roller'ed gel coat and it is always patchy in places and you are not supposed to apply 2 coats.

    I continue to apply the gel coat till the desired thickness is achieved so its just a one step process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5timetom View Post
    Brett, your work is great. It was a pleasure visiting with you Sunday. Worked on a scoop today. Used a polyprolene 32 oz yogurt container to form the scoop.. Do you know if this material will be effected by resin? Tried to install the lift cylinders. They were not strong enough to hold up my louvre panel. Will let you know what I come up with.
    Again great meeting you. Tom
    I'm not 100% sure. I would mix up a small batch of resin and test it on the part first to make sure.

    After giving it some thought (about the gas struts)you did mention that your rear louvers were different than the one I have so maybe the additional weight is the problem. Just go to the web site where the gas struts were purchased from and see what you can find with one that has a little higher PSI.

    It was great getting to know you also.


    I have a sheet of polypropylene that I use for making flanges for the molds so you should be ok using it

    Keep in touch
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    Got all the glass laid. Now I'll give it a day for it to cure before I pull the mold off the bucks.


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    Looking good, I think once I start the Nova a gelcoat gun will have to be acquired. I have 3 shells to choose from but not one complete one so will need to fabricate some parts.


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    I need to wait now till the materials arrive so I can make the part.

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    As always quality work, I just love seeing parts made. Always inspires me to get back to working on my Nova

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    Bucks for the Pocket section on the side panels are just about done.

    Molds will be made and once the part is made, it will be bonded in place. You can see the section that will hold a cup in place.

    Order that I placed for the materials should be here this week.

    Once I get that I'll spray the gel coat on and lay the glass to make the mold.
    Since the buck is just primed it still needs to be sanded and then painted before sprayed with gel coat

    These will be made just like the ones that you got David


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    Getting the plug/buck for the rear storage area ready to be glassed


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    That looks very neat, how will you get access to your VIN number, will the centre section lift out?


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    Looking very nice, great work and practical for the car as well

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