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    Fantastic work, the door panel looks great.


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    Quote Originally Posted by islandman View Post
    Looking good as always. Actually those slim line indicators do look like they have lots of possibilities to where they can be placed. What are they off of?
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    Its been a while since I posted any thing so I thought I'd update everyone for those that are following the build.

    Still waiting for the weather to get warm enough to fiberglass all the parts that were made during the cooler days.

    The new hood/bonnet is still on hold till the weather gets warmer. I have it all ready to start, just waiting for the temperatures to get warmer.

    Started to work on the new canopy lifting arms. After going through several different designs and finding flaws in them I decided to stay with the looks of the stock arms with a few changes.
    Major change will be that the gas strut will no longer be visible. It will be located inside the body along with the power lift system that I'm installing.
    Thought I'd try 304 stainless steel as the material to make them out of. That will arrive on Tuesday and unlike the fiberglass it wont matter what the temperature is outside so I can get started on that when the material gets here.

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    Hi Brett, great to see you are slogging on and making great progress, it really is looking good, can't wait until it's all one color, even grey primer, going to look awesome.

    Waiting for stuff to arrive is a curse ad hold everything up. here we can't buy anything locally apart from filler and GRP kits for $20 a yard, electrical stuff, nope, fittings, nuffin' Paint, only if you have a friend in the car repair business, really sucks having to go on eBay or Amazon to get EVERYTHING. at least it's cheaper.

    I have been waiting two weeks for one ANY coupling to finish the fuel system and it's doing my head in.

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