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    Quote Originally Posted by islandman View Post
    That’s the beauty of taking a full system and control module from a donor, all the logic is built in rather than us having to devise it.

    One thing the original system as installed in the donor probably had, which may not work in its transplanted situation is a “speed sensor” input into the control module. Many of these tailgate systems will still function at low speed (e.g. below 20 mph), but won’t at higher speeds. You could potentially see if your speed sensor input can be substituted.

    On my own install for my hydraulic system I was worried that as I had a wireless remote control as one of my activating options a scenario could arise where I sat on the remote in my pocket and a button could be inadvertently pressed at speed! The last thing I wanted was the canopy opening at 70mph. So I installed the relay in such a way that it disabled the wireless remote controls relay power if the ignition was turned on (so it couldn’t activate), but the internal and external switches still operate.
    You just answered a question that has bothered me with the system
    In the donor vehicle they had a switch in one of the rear pillars that allowed you to close only the tailgate; it wouldn't open the tailgate. Now it makes sense. They didn't want anyone from inside to be able to open the tailgate while the vehicle was in motion.
    I was thinking that not being able to open the tailgate was an safety issue but I guess it could be a good thing also.

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    When you first started posting about this I could not understand how you where going to stop the roof from rattling, I was envisaging ordinary bonnet/ trunk catches , but now you have shown the pull down catches you are using it all makes sense now. How are you doing for space in the side panels with the hinges actuators and the locks can we get some pics? Great work I really enjoy your posts with new innovative ways to bring these cars up to date.


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