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    Tail Lights

    Here's an idea that I've been considering but haven't had time to research it as of yet.

    Here in the States its almost impossible to find tail lights that will fit the car. 90% of all tail lights over here are to big and don't look right on the car.

    Well one day I discovered I was looking in the wrong place for tail lights.

    The main tail lights are usually to big but, the lights that are located in the boot lid (we call that the trunk over here) are smaller and may work.

    The only problem is the turn signal is not located in that light. Its in the other light.

    Not a problem. Just take the reverse light and put an amber bulb in it and now you have a turn signal.

    Back up light can be located separately in some other place in the back of the car

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    Nice idea but what do you then do for a reverse light?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirk View Post
    Nice idea but what do you then do for a reverse light?


    There are numerous single reverse lights out there in different shapes and sizes that can be placed anywhere on the back of the car

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    I had been having a similar thought for some time, and have been looking at trunk sections of tail lights so see which would work. Some of the audi's are promising and even have the turn signals as part of the trunk segments as well as the outer sections. The problem then is that the brake light is the outer section. However the fog light is on the trunk section, so my thinking was to use the fog with a lower wattage bulb as the brake light. For the older cars like ours the fog light isn't mandatory

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