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Thread: Dip Beam High Beam question

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    Dip Beam High Beam question

    This is a basic question which I thought I knew the answer to but now I doubt myself

    My car has twin filament headlamp bulbs. One for hi Beam, one for lo beam (or so I think). My question is when the hi Beam is on does the lo Beam remain on at the same time or does it simply switch between the two? The question is important as it affects the type of relay to be used. I bought a changeover relay which switches between the two circuits, however, I'm now wondering does the VW headlamp relay switch between one circuit only and both simultaneously, or one circuit only then the other only? Hope this makes sense?
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    It's one OR the other Phill, so the relay should switch between the two.

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    That is quite correct. However, there is nothing to stop you wiring in the main and dip to work simultaneously, although it is more common on quad headlight systems.

    I rewired my old Droopsnoot so that you could operate with 4 x dip or 4 x dip + 6 x main. Great for deserted motorways late at night!

    It did require a special fuse though - a copper bus bar
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    The bulb has a common earth for the high & Low filaments and as advised you can have both on High beam or just the high filament.

    If you go the high & Low on together for High you can still use the VW flip flop relay, just need it to control another relay.

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