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    Carbon Monoxide

    Hi everyone. Ya’ll good?

    As car builders I was wondering if you’ve ever run your part built car in the garage with no exhaust system on it and felt any ill effects? I start my nova up every now and then (not regularly enough) to give the engine some life and let it get to temperature when the radiator fans kick in (about 30 mins) and then turn it off. The driveway to my garage is on a slope and coupled with the gravel surface makes it impossible for even two people to push it back in (3 can just do it), which is why for the last two times I have run the engine with the nova inside the single garage. My nova has no exhaust system; it just has the 4-into-2-into-1 short manifold (downpipes) fitted. Subsequently it absolutely stinks so I have perfected as best I can a start up procedure that involves taking a deep breath just before it fires and then running out of the garage to breath again. However, both previous start up times I have inevitably gone back into the garage to check the water temp guage, give it a rev or two etc. whilst breathing in some of the noxious gases and running out again. I usually read in the back garden to wile away the time. Anyway, both times I’ve done this I’ve developed mild flu-like symptoms the day after, which can last for a week or so. Right now, having started the engine last Friday, I feel awful. I think I’ve got carbon monoxide poisoning, again. I should have also said the nova doesn’t yet have a completed throttle set up, otherwise of course I’d be able to drive it out and back in. Needless to say, the throttle system is high on the priority list.

    I simply cannot start the Nova again inside the garage, for my own health reasons.

    I wonder if you guys have experienced a similar situation?

    Best wishes
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